This Week In Project Comeback: ACE at the Holidays

The power to give is an important one, especially during the holidays. While our clients come from different backgrounds, there is a common theme that arises from a history of homeless: separation from community. Our clients work everyday towards rebuilding their lives and reestablishing themselves within their communities, and ACE makes sure to provide our clients with the power to give during the holidays, which serves as a source of empowerment and encouragement towards their greater goals.

Each year, ACE distributes brand-new children’s winter coats to our clients who have children ages 10 and under. We partner in this endeavor with an organization called Hope on Wheels, and this year we were able to provide winter coats to 36 children of ACE clients. ACE also runs an annual holiday toy drive. This week, we will be distributing bundles of gifts to clients with school-aged children. These gifts often include toys, books, play sets and electronics. In enabling our clients to provide physical necessities and material comforts to their sons and daughters, we are allowing them to actively participate in the holidays and strengthen their ties to their children, and to their communities.

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