This Week in Project Comeback

Rachel GrinsteinHello again from Rachel Grinstein. Thanks so much to everyone who made it to our graduation last week! It was a wonderful ceremony in a beautiful setting, and I’m glad to have shared it with so many wonderful people. Hearing the graduates speak about their experiences is always so inspiring, and it’s great to be able to spend some time with the graduates and crew members in a more relaxed setting than normal.

But graduation was last week, and now it’s time to return to our routines here at ACE. Part of that routine will be mock interviews, being held here at the office next week. We have four amazingly helpful volunteers coming in to spend some time working on our participants’ interviewing techniques. This is a good chance for participants to see what aspects of interviewing they can improve on, and get some good feedback on their interviewing skills.

We also taught two lessons this week, on techniques for conducting a job search, and how to write a resume. We reviewed good places to look for businesses that are hiring, tips on how to get a potential employer to notice you, and good tricks to make your resume as impressive as possible.

Thank you all for your support of our programs, and please continue to support them so we can continue doing all of this great work.

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