This Week in Project Comeback 7

Hi everyone! This is Liz again. I wanted to share a bit about some of the things Project Comeback and Project Stay do “after hours.” Every few months, we hold a social event for ACE clients, graduates and staff. These events can be a range of activities, including trips to see movies, plays and concerts, going bowling, attending sports games, visiting museums, etc. Our most recent event was held this week: a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game in Coney Island. (Cyclones won!)

Our social events are designed to bring together ACE clients and graduates to reward everyone for their hard work and to build a sense of community. We also invite participants to bring guests to social events, so they can introduce their families and friends to the staff at ACE. This helps strengthen our participants’ all-around support systems by connecting the positive work they do with ACE in the daytime with the broader transformations they’re making in their lives. Many participants have told me that social events provided them with the opportunity to meet new friends, spend time reconnecting with family members, de-stress and, last but not least, have a great time with great people!

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