This Week in Project Comeback

My name is Harvey Semler; I have been a job developer for 37 years. I’ve been at ACE for three of those years, and I have the opportunity to work one on one with our program participants every day. Our clients come to me after three months of comprehensive workshop participation in preparation for the job search portion of their time in Project Comeback.

As I like to say, “looking for a job is a job.” The job search process at ACE involves an intensive effort in which an individual prepares his or her resume and attends a series of mock interviews to get ready for what is to follow down the road. And this comes after months of hard work, both on our street sweeping crews and in the classroom environment.

Last Friday, July 16th, we were fortunate enough to celebrate 20 people who secured full-time employment (our all time high!) to graduate from our program. In this challenging job market, we are thrilled and so fortunate to be breaking records, helping more men and women find full-time work than ever before. This is truly a testament to the commitment our hardworking program participants have made to rebuilding their lives. As it stands today, four more people have joined those ranks to begin our next graduation class. Stay tuned for more updates and a date and location for our next graduation. We’ll let you know as soon as we do!


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