Take ACE Out to the Ball Game

pcb memberYou know the feeling: long, tough week, dog days of summer, you just want to get together with friends, be outdoors and have a little competitive fun! That is just how it went down on Friday, August 8th, for the 2nd Annual ACE Crew and Staff Softball Game.  ACE participants and graduates brought their families to the ballpark and joined the rest of the ACE staff and family for a friendly competition and postgame picnic. It was a valiant effort for all those who participated, but someone had to be the victor and the ACE Dodgers, led by captain Eugene Torres (aka Director of HR and Finance) squashed the ACE Mets.  The Mets are looking to improve in the off-season, but say they will come back stronger next year.

ACE’s annual softball luncheon is just one of the great facets of Project Stay, a critical and unique component of ACE’s overall program. Project Stay is our lifelong support network, where anyone who has been in our program can reach out for social support or further professional development. It is wonderful to see so many of our graduates keep in touch and access the available resources that make their success sustainable.  All of these achievements are a testament to everything that each of you, as friends and partners, has poured into our organization. Thank you for making ACE their forever home.

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