This week in Project Comeback: December Graduation

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Last week, we celebrated our Project Comeback Graduation. Graduates, their proud friends and family, current program participants, and ACE staff gathered at the Joyce Theater to celebrate. The afternoon was, as always, filled with incredible stories of the men and women who, with ACE’s help, have left homelessness behind.

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Kim told the audience about the importance of trust: “Steve said something to me one day when I first started: he said ‘I trust you.’ Trust?! My name and the word ‘trust’ do not go hand in hand. No one had ever trusted me before, and so I thought maybe I’m not such a bad person after all. And it was because of the motivation of the staff that I was able to keep going on.”

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Navy veteran Mark spoke of his appreciation of ACE’s opportunities: “I had a rough life coming up, and growing up the way I did, my attitude was very negative. It takes me a while to get along with people, since I’ve never had a lot of trust in my life. I’d like to thank ACE for really being there. There are not a lot of places who would open their doors for me, especially when they start doing criminal background checks. But being a military vet, one thing you know is that failure is not an option. I fall down, I get back up. Maybe when I get up it’s not in the right direction, but there’s where ACE comes in, to give me the right direction. I’d like to thank all the staff for giving me that push.”

December Graduation at the Joyce Theater

Next week, we will be celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of the men and women who have completed our program.  Now contributing, independent citizens—and role models to their children—these individuals are an inspiration to all of us here at ACE, and of course to the New Yorkers who support them.  Graduation is a wonderful opportunity to see what your generosity makes possible, and we hope you can join us:

ACE Programs for the Homeless Graduation Ceremony
Friday, December 3rd at 12pm
The Joyce Theater, located at 155 Mercer Street, between Houston and Prince

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Maire O’Malley at or 212-274-0550 ext. 52.