Catch Cinema Italiano’s Presentation of La Sconosciuta This Sunday

Cinema Italiano will be screening La Sconosciuta by Giuseppe Tornatore at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral (268 Mulberry St.) this Sunday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m., as part of the organization’s ongoing film series.  The 2006 flick chronicles a Ukrainian woman’s strange connection to an affluent Italian family.  Proceeds from the free event ($10 donations are suggested) will go to benefit ACE and a few of our program participants will be on hand to assist with the screening.  This is a great chance to support ACE and experience “an incredible story of human love and desperation” from one of Italy’s most renowned modern directors.

Cinema Italiano Presents L’Uomo delle Stelle

The latest installment of Cinema Italiano‘s film series at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Youth Centre will spotlight the 1995 Giuseppe Tornatore classic, L’Uomo delle Stelle.  The plot follows Joe Moretti, a conman who travels through Sicily, setting up screen tests for studio heads in Rome.  He eventually comes across a young convent girl, who desperately wants to change her life and falls for him.  The free cinema event will take place Sunday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. at 268 Mulberry St.  Attendees are asked to make a small donation to ACE and several ACE program participants will be on hand to assist with the screening, as part of our work experience program.

Support ACE and Celebrate Italian Culture With Cinema Italiano

ACE supporter Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral is hosting an Italian cinema series, with all proceeds going to ACE! Come experience the award-winning film Il Divo, presented by Cinema Italiano, this Sunday at Old St. Patrick’s Youth Center (263 Mulberry St.) from 8:00 p.m.-10 p.m. Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Il Divo explores Italy’s unique political culture, via the rise and fall of seven-time Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti.

Business of the Week: Greenwich Grill

Greenwich Grill
428 Greenwich Street NY, NY 10013

Greenwich Grill, located in TriBeCa between Vestry and Laight epitomizes the private elegance this unique enclave of the City has to offer. Located on the building’s main floor, Greenwich Grill serves as the entrance to both restaurants. It features “Tokyo-Italian” cuisine—a strong Italian base with a subtle infusion of Japanese tastes, ingredients, and cooking techniques used to pull out the full umami found in Italian food.

Greenwich Grill ExteriorResponding to the frequent requests of customers, both nigiri sushi and sushi rolls from Sushi Azabu are also available to customers dining in Greenwich Grill, usually serving as an appetizer or an additional course during a meal.

Greenwich Grill has been carefully designed to retain the Romanesque Revival construction of the original 1883 building in which it’s located. The original red brick walls have been left exposed to pay homage to the building’s history, and they are accented with two pieces of custom-made Japanese artwork depicting Mt. Fuji and a mural of cherry blossoms. Dimly lit in a romantic setting, the main dining room is centered around a large flower arrangement, with maroon benches lining all walls of the restaurant. We thank the Greenwich Grill very much for their support of ACE during our 365 Campaign. Please visit Greenwich Grill between now and October 22nd to make a donation to the campaign!

When asked about their favorite place in New York City, our friends at Greenwich Grill, Kenji and Yoko, replied, “Union Square Farmer’s Market – how cliche is that?”  Kenji and Yoko – we agree!

-The ACE Development Team