Highlights from our Spring Soiree

Celebrity Host Tim Morehouse and guests at the Spring Soiree

On April 8, the ACE Junior Committee held its first annual Spring Soiree.  More than 100 people danced the night away at the Crosby Street Hotel in support of the hardworking men and women of ACE.

Our guests had a blast, but as Executive Director Jim Martin reminded everyone, by attending the Spring Soiree, they were doing more than just going to a party, they were giving a New Yorker his life back.  That’s what ACE does, with your help.

The event was featured in Manhattan Society, Scallywag & Vagabond, and Patrick McMullan.  We’re already looking forward to next year’s bash!


Spring Soiree

Join the ACE Junior Committee for their first annual Spring Soiree, with music by CASH, drinks by Magave and Doublecross, and appetizers.


For tickets or event details, please contact Aledia Evans at AEvans@acenewyork.org or 212-274-0550, ext. 21.


Barbara Duerrer | Natasha Galkina | Tim Morehouse | Hana Nitsche


Nathanial Baker
Alexandra Buhl
Monica Eulitz
Sarah Feil
Danny Fontana
Ricardo Garcia
Irene Hong
Andrew Hurewitz
Julie Kwak
Menka Lamba
Vaughn Massey
Joshua Minsky
Alisa Ng
Steven Nicholson
Eleanor Robb
Kathleen Ryan
Sandra Sanches

September Graduation at The Crosby Street Hotel

Thanks to everyone who attended the graduation last week, and a very big thank you to the Crosby Street Hotel for hosting our celebration!  We are already excited for the next one, as job developer Harvey Semler reported at today’s staff meeting that we already have four new job placements since last week.  Our graduations are the best way to learn about ACE and become personally acquainted with those whose lives have been touched by our programs.  Be sure to join us at the next ceremony – most likely in November of this year.  And more pictures will be posted soon on our Flickr page – thanks so much to volunteer photographers Erik Hup and Joe Quint!

ACE Graduation sept 2010
Photo by Erik Hup
Photo by Erik Hup
Photo by Erik Hup

This Week in Project Comeback 8

John Ellert teaching an ACE Project Comeback Workshop
John Ellert teaching an ACE Project Comeback Workshop

Hello, it’s John Ellert here, Case Management Coordinator of Project Comeback. I would like to take this opportunity to share the progress of our program’s operations during the last month.

I am privileged to share a participant’s journey from intake until completion. In the four to six months that individuals participate in our program; they address four phases of vocational job-readiness training. During these phases of training; participants will learn to demonstrate a professional work ethic, secure identification, attend and complete fifteen workshops, prepare for and participate in job search, and secure full-time permanent employment. I would like to share some of our current demographics with you. We have 49 people in our job readiness program. 22% of our program participants are women, and 78% are men. Our new phase program is a resounding success. 49% of our program participants have transitioned to Phases II, III, and IV. After completing Phase IV and graduating from our program, these individuals begin working a full-time permanent job.

We are pleased to announce our next graduation on Friday September 24th at 12pm, at The Crosby Street Hotel. Please join us as we celebrate the success of ten graduates. For more information on the graduation ceremony, please email info@acenewyork.org.