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The New York Times – December, 15th Fear of Dying Alone Dove a Panhandler to Seek Drug Rehabilitation

“It had grown dark, and Rickey Henegan was seeking refuge for the night in a spot behind two Dumpsters. But the spot was occupied by the corpse of a fellow homeless man, who had been dead long enough for his body to start decomposing. “Either people didn’t notice him or they didn’t care,” Mr. Henegan, 54, said.”

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DNA Info New York – December 12th East Harlem Group Using Homeless to Tackle Trash Problem Wins 100k Grand

“HARLEM — The merchant association that is using homeless people to help clean the streets of El Barrio won a $100,000 grant from the city Department of Small Business Services Wednesday to help turn the area near the Metro-North station into an ‘Uptown Grand Central.’”


The Queens Courier – November 26, 2013 Corona to benefit from 800k Chase Gift to Neighborhood Plaza Partnership

“Corona Plaza has received a helping hand, along with other public plazas around the city,  to become cleaner, greener and part of the community.”

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New York Nonprofit Press – September 11, 2013 
ACE Gets $65K from Robin Hood Relief Fund

” The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) is pleased to announce the receipt of a one-year grant of $65,000 from the Robin Hood Relief Fund. The grant will support hard-skills training and placement costs for 55 ACE program graduates, in order to help increase their earning power and enhance their prospects of obtaining higher-value employment. Specifically, these graduates will receive the opportunity to obtain certification in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Mold Assessment & Remediation.”

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Modern Luxury Manhattan – September 2013
 Change of Focus

“Henry Buhl has lived many lives. First came his 25-year career in finance, both here in New York and overseas in Geneva, and then an illustrious turn as an international celebrity wedding photographer in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. But for the last two decades, Buhl’s focus has been helping to get New York’s homeless off the streets.

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The New York Times – June 2, 2013
 A Streetcorner Serenade for the Public Plaza

“All these New York plaza projects haven’t come up roses. Neighborhoods mostly request plazas with an agreement to look after them; poorer communities, without Business Improvement Districts, have sometimes had trouble with the maintenance. To aid them, Ms. Sadik-Khan said, the Transportation Department is working with the Horticultural Society of New York and the nonprofit ACE Programs for the Homeless to develop a jobs initiative in which ex-convicts and homeless people provide horticultural services and general upkeep.”


SoHo Life Magazine Cover Story – April 2013  ACE Founder Henr Buhl 

“The executive director threw up his hands and shouted, “Hallelujah, you could be my savior.” Buhl asked, how? The executive director explained that BRC took men coming out of jail and housed them, fed them, clothed them and provided medical care (the most expensive segment) for more than $31,000 a year per man. After two years the clients’ government benefits were terminated, they would migrate to the streets and become homeless again as no employer would hire them because of their criminal records

huffington post logoHuffington Post – July 26, 2012 Henry Buhl’s 20-Year Help to Homeless Celebrated at Sotheby’s  

“Henry volunteered to find a new street cleaner and went to the Bowery Residence Committee to try to recruit one. They recommended two people, so Henry asked the local merchants to kick in more and hired them both. Two lead to three led to four and the SoHo Partnership was born.”


The Villager April 7, 2011 ACE program deals graduates another chance at life title links to

“ACE member Nadine Lomax, 43, said she gets satisfaction spending 35 hours a week sweeping Mercer and Greene Sts. in Soho. A parking garage on Mercer St. lets her use the facilities and offers her coffee in the mornings, and pedestrians often start up conversations. “They’ll stop and say, ‘I really appreciate what you’re doing by cleaning our street,’ and that makes me feel good,” said Lomax.”

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Scallywag &Vagabond – May 28, 2010 With Help, Henry Buhl Puts Soho on the Map

“Henry Buhl runs ACE, an absolutely exemplary foundation for giving back to one’s community. He helps the homeless help themselves. Soho’s least fortunate have been able to pick themselves up by their bootstraps with the extremely capable help of Buhl’s well-trained teams. A difference is being made. This is no small thing.”