SoHo Broadway BID Hires ACE Graduates

Broadway before and AfterIf you have strolled down Broadway in SoHo any time since Thanksgiving, you may have noticed something was a little off.  Why aren’t I tripping over garbage? And where is all the graffiti? The garbage cans aren’t overflowing! For this transformation we can thank the SoHo Broadway BID, who hired ACE as the BID maintenance provider. As a result, on Nov. 17th, ACE Graduates put the first broom to Broadway’s pavement in 4 years and the improvement is remarkable. In the first week alone, 1300 instances of graffiti were removed from 165 pieces of public furniture and street fixtures.

As mentioned, the men and women working for the SoHo Broadway BID are all ACE Grads. This transitional work is providing a living wage as they continue to job search with ACE. We thank the SoHo Broadway BID board and Executive Director, Mark Dicus, for this opportunity, and all of the ACE supporters who have invested in these individuals. Because of you, men and women who were once homeless are now proud, contributing members of the community. They are making Broadway a cleaner and safer place for everyone who lives and works in the area as well as the thousands of visitors who walk the corridor every day.

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