NBC 4 New York – ACE’s Sept. 2017 Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday, September 28th, over 150 supporters gathered for ACE’s Fall Graduation Ceremony at the ACE Center for Workforce Development, and honored the incredible men and women who have overcome homelessness and secured full-time employment. After months of classes, industry-specific trainings, and in-the-field work-experience, ACE’s 45 most recent graduates are now employed in full-time positions across sectors. At Graduation, these individuals inspired us by sharing some of their hardships and triumphs in their personal journey, and offered guidance to ACE’s current participants who are preparing themselves to become employed.


The graduates have now moved on from ACE’s initial program, Project Comeback, and are active in our employment after-care program, Project Stay. In Project Stay, we help our clients retain employment and increase their earning capacity. We commend each graduate for all that they’ve accomplished as they achieve their goals of economic self-sufficiency, and thank each ACE supporter for the contribution they have made to every success.

Video courtesy of NBC 4 New York

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