How to Have a Great Time with Your Friends and Help the Homeless: The Art Strut

Getting involved in the fight against homelessness can be overwhelming. There are, however, ways to help those Art Strutin need just by doing what you love.

For example, Danielle Natzinitsky wanted to help homeless New Yorkers, and she knew that her friends and neighbors were interested too. She decided to harness the momentum of her community focused organization the SoHo Strut and donate the proceeds from her community event, The Art Strut, to help men and women at ACE get back into the workforce.

The evening was focused on art appreciation in SoHo and drew a savvy crowd to the Zen House. Featured art included Cernesto, Joseph Maloy, Gumshoeart, Eddy Bogaert, WizardSkull, Ramiro Studios and Brandon Seins. A good time was had by all, and as a bonus, Danielle and each one of you who attended contributed to raising $2,000 dollars for job-training programs at ACE.

If you have a hobby, interest or talent that you want to utilize to help homeless men and women break into the workforce, please reach out to Jessica Cannold at If that does not sound like you, don’t worry. Your straight forward donation is already providing life-changing opportunities.


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