Kendall’s Comeback Story – My First Job in 20 Years

Kendall was adopted at birth. He grew up in a loving home in Richmond, Virginia. He and his family were regulars at church and his parents were, in his words, “big on work ethic and education.” Kendall describes his upbringing as healthy, but as he got into his late teenage years he and his friends were introduced to alcohol and marijuana. “I went wrong,” Kendall says, “when I decided I liked the feeling of drinking and smoking more than getting an education and working to further my future.”

Kendall had some odd jobs after high school and had a son in his twenties.…

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Derrick – Faces of ACE


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Raymond, age 60, Beats Homelessness and Finds Work for the First Time in 35 Years

I sat down with Raymond and discussed his Journey out of homelessness and into the workforce. Your support translates into men and women in Raymond’s position becoming empowered with the skills that will allow them to thrive in a working environment.

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Thanks to You, Nicole is Going Back to College

Success Story NicoleNicole, a 2013 ACE graduate, is headed to Metropolitan College! Nicole is the proud recipient of the Henry Buhl Academic Scholarship. Below is a brief glance at her harrowing comeback story:

Nicole’s childhood was not a dollhouse fairy tale, but a crack-house nightmare. Born and raised in Newark, Nicole’s mother was on and off drugs and her older brother was a dealer. Nicole remembers seeking comfort and refuge at her best friend’s house, but that turned out to be a devastating mistake, as drugs were more available and accessible there than a glass of milk. …

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Jimmy’s Success Story

acegraduation_0913_3860When James was released from prison in 2008 at the age of 61, he felt he had hit rock bottom. Saddled with a dark history of lifelong addiction and crime, and having nowhere to turn for help, he found life empty and meaningless. “I was a hard worker and an intelligent person, but the drugs took over my life,” he says. “Once I had started using, I never had the power to stop.”


Before his sentence, James worked as a barber, warehouse foreman and forklift operator, but he had difficulties getting back on his feet and finding a new job.…

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Lillian’s Story

lillian and johnLillian grew up in the rougher parts of Brooklyn and started smoking marijuana as a young teenager. Her addiction aside, she was leading a normal life; working in food service and spending time with her family, friends and three children. But her life took a turn for the worst in 2007, when her then-boyfriend planted a gun in her diaper bag without her knowledge. Unaware of the weapon, Lillian walked into a federal building, carrying her baby in her arms and the bag over her shoulder, and was arrested on the spot.…

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