Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday.

A day that we are encouraged to look outside of our own personal
needs and desires,  think about others less fortunate then ourselves, and donate to an organization that we connect with. The reasons for choosing an organization are varied, and personal.
Maybe our lives have been touched by what the non-profit is working to cure/help/educate, or maybe you’re simply inspired by the work that the organization is doing.
Whatever your reason, I hope you choose to donate somewhere.
Of course, I hope you choose to give to ACE!!
Your donation will help us continue the work we do, empowering the men and woman with skills and resources to get them full time employment!
This, in turn, paves the way for them to rebuild their lives, get an apartment, reunite with their families…
The positive ripple effect goes on, and on…
It’s amazing to know that your donation will help change someone else’s life for the better!
In a way, its a gift you’re giving back to yourself!

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