Homeless Success Story: Edwin



Edwin was referred to ACE through his rehabilitation facility. He says, “I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was afraid of the unknown. I had been at other programs and failed. Being at ACE was different. I found a home with ACE and a family… I want to thank ACE for believing in me when no-one else did, not even myself.”

Determined to improve his reading and writing skills, Edwin benefited greatly from ACE’s education program, through which he received one-on-one literacy tutoring, and attended math classes and job readiness workshops. His favorite class soon became the one-on-one reading sessions, because of the personalized attention his tutor gave him. “I was getting so much help, I was elevated to a skill level that I never thought I would. I was shown that with time and hard work there’s nothing I can’t do.

Today, Edwin is employed full-time as a maintenance worker at a school in Brooklyn. Grateful to be back in the workforce and to have purpose and direction in life again, Edwin is excited about the future. “I have achieved what I wanted, but I still have more goals to accomplish.” He was recently selected to participate in ACE’s housing program, Project Home, and is now working toward obtaining his GED.

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