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custodial trainingHard skills are extremely important to those seeking employment. Last year we implemented an intensive OSHA training and Food Handling certificate course that has been an asset to dozens of men and women, whose certification has been a path to employment. This year, we are going ever further and adding a comprehensive Custodial Training Program.  This is not your basic mopping and cleaning course. This curriculum will include:

  • Basic Chemistry for Custodians
  • OSHA “Right to Know Law”: Hazardous Chemicals
  • OSHA “Blood-borne Pathogens, Bodily Fluids”: Resilient Floor Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

Completing this course will qualify our participants for full-time custodial positions in hotels, hospitals, schools, and government and professional office buildings.  We cannot wait to launch this program, and we look forward to reporting all of the expected success.

Trainings like these are made possible by your donations, so we thank you for your part in creating real change and real jobs for those who need them most!

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