Art Strut Takes Over SoHo

Art Strut AuctionOn May 7th, ACE was proud to partner with the  SoHo-centric organization, SoHo Strut, for an event called the Art Strut.  The evening was a throw back to SoHo art nights, and attendees toured galleries all around the neighborhood, scoping some of the finest pieces and installations in the country. All of the momentum built to the final stop, 27 Wooster, where we held a pop up photography auction to benefit ACE. At the auction, we enjoyed live music and an open bar, which happen to be the perfect combination of mood-setters to raise money for a great cause.

Thank you to Danielle Nazinitsky of SoHo Strut for organizing this exciting event, and to the artists who participated: Barbara Thomas, Zigi Ben-Haim, Zuzanna Kozlowska, Linda Mason, and Laura Kaplan. Your inspired art created an unforgettable ambience! Special gratitude to @apexart and the lovely Julia Knight for her expert selection of photography for the auction!  Last, but not least, thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the event! Just by engaging your fancy for art, you raised over $5,000 to help individuals on their path back to self-sufficiency.

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