ACE Partners With NYC Rescue Mission

ACE is excited to announce a partnership with one of New York City’s top humanitarian institutions—The NYC Rescue Mission. This admirable organization has been serving those in need since 1872, and their strengths just happen to fit perfectly to ACE’s. In a peanut butter and jelly level match, ACE and the NYC Rescue Mission are teaming up to offer New Yorkers in need the stable environment and training they need to break into the next chapter of their lives.

Here is how it will work: NYC Rescue Mission will offer their participants long term lodging if they are accepted into ACE’s program, and ACE will refer any of our participants in need of housing to NYC Rescue Mission. Simple, right? Right. But it is only because of ACE’s staunch supporters that this partnership is even possible, so thank you. We also thank the entire NYC Rescue Mission team for the opportunity to work together and address the needs of New York City’s most overlooked citizens. Now, let’s get to work!

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